As an artist and artteacher I am interested in how we can use art as a tool to activate safe and including rooms in the public space that enable us to meet and stay with the challenging questions of our time although we have different perspectives on the matter.

If we use the qualities of Organic processes, like ourselves, which are dynamic, complex, multidimensional, qualitative, non-reversible and have several control centers, instead of the mecanical system thinking we are caught up with today, we might come up with something beyond what is.

What happens in the process of merging and how do we use the wider picture available to us if we dare to step into the unknown.

This graf is based on material collected in the collective art project and social sculpture; the fictive travel agency Only Planet at KonstKväll in Lund 2019.

It aimed to awaken a concious view on the visitors own perspective on traveling during the process of filling out a market research form which also became research material for new works.

The following answers the last question in the formula: If money and courage wasn´t a problem I would travel:


7 september, 2020

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